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2018 Tax Season – Stay Safe!

Protect your Social Security number during the 2018 tax season! The 2018 tax season has arrived, and once again, identity thieves are after your Social Security number. As we covered in one of our previous articles, tax-related identity theft protection, someone can use your stolen SSN to file a tax return in your name. While doing this, they can claim a fraudulent refund without you even knowing it happened! Not all identity theft results in tax-related identity theft. However, it [...]


Tax Related Identity Theft Protection

Tax Related Identity Theft Every year, identity thieves are ramping up their operations around tax season in order to steal tax refunds. Tax related identity theft has been growing, along with identity theft in general, in large percentages for many years. A persons Social Security Number (SSN) is the key to the fraud. Vulnerable people may not know until it is too late. An identity thief could have stolen a SSN months in the past, only to use it this [...]