LifeLock Ultimate Plus Membership

LifeLock Ultimate Plus

Compare LifeLock Ultimate Plus with any other identity theft protection services and you will soon understand why LifeLock Ultimate Plus is the most comprehensive identity theft protection in the industry. LifeLock Ultimate Plus combines all the services from LifeLock Advantage with additional credit management and monitoring tools. With LifeLock Ultimate Plus, you will get alerts and notifications whenever your information is used for things such as new credit applications, bank account changes, address changes, and more.

Checking and Savings Account Application Alerts

Constant monitoring of your personal information in new applications for bank accounts, both checking and savings.

Bank Account Takeover Alerts

Monitoring of existing bank accounts for unauthorized changes.

Investment Account Activity Alerts

Receive alerts for any cash or balance transfer activity on investment accounts.

Credit Inquiry Activity

Get alerted whenever lenders or merchants make an inquiry against your credit file.

Online Tri-Bureau Annual Credit Reports and Scores

Online annual access to the major 3 credit reports and scores so you can make sure your information is accurate.

Monthly Credit Score Tracking

Credit score information delivered monthly from a single credit bureau in order to monitor trending of your credit score.

File-Sharing Network Searches

Searching of various file and data sharing networks to make sure your personal information is not being used.

Sex Offender Registry Reports

Receive notifications when a sex offender registers in your zip code.

Priority Award-Winning Member Service 24/7/365

Don’t wait in line for support with priority access to the LifeLock member services team.

Additional benefits:

  • Alias Name and Address Monitoring
  • Court Records Scanning
  • Unauthorized Payday Loan Notification

Enrollment takes just minutes. Enroll Now and select your preferred plan, or call 1-800-651-2771. Mention the promo code LIFELOCKDEALSand save 10% with an unbeatable 30 day risk free trial offer* on any LifeLock service.