LifeLock Advantage Membership

LifeLock Advantage

LifeLock Advantage is the next level in identity theft protection services, combining the LifeLock Standard Membership with additional credit and banking protection services. If you are looking for comprehensive protection, then we recommend checking out LifeLock Ultimate Plus.

Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Activity Alerts

LifeLock utilizes an extensive network to detect any misuse of your financial information, including alerts for large purchases, cash withdrawals, and balance transfers.

Data Breach Notification

Keep up to date with publicly reported data breaches so you can determine if your personal information is at risk.

Fictitious Identity Monitoring

This service scans for addresses and names associated with your Social Security number in public and credit record sources to put a stop to identity theft before it happens.

Court Records Scanning

Misuse of your identity can lead to false accusations and criminal activity. Scanning of court records helps protect your name from this type of abuse.

Online Annual Credit Reports and Score

Receive and online report of your credit and score from a single major credit bureau.

Enrollment takes just minutes. Enroll Now and select your preferred plan, or call 1-800-651-2771. Mention the promo code LIFELOCKDEALS and save 10% with an unbeatable 30 day risk free trial offer* on any LifeLock service.