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LifeLock has been in the business of identity theft protection longer than most, and has a history of providing excellent services at reasonable prices. With today’s ever changing digital landscape and on-line financial transactions, it is more important than ever to protect your digital identity. With a number of LifeLock Services to choose from, offered through our exclusive LifeLock deals, there is something for everybody at a price you can afford. Waste no time, enroll today, and begin living worry free.


Identity theft in our world today, can seem like a myth to some. Here is a little background information provided by ID Protection Deals. How do thieves get a hold of personal information when most everything is digital? In the past, it would start with a stolen wallet, or even financial statements pulled from a trash can (ie: dumpster diving). In our modern world of the internet, thieves do not have to leave their computer in order to steal critical personal or financial data. Our news reports countless data breaches where credit card information and even social security numbers are compromised. This is most evident in the 2017 Equifax data breach, which compromised personal information of over 140 million people. More recently, the Uber Data Breach resulted in 57 million people having their personal information stolen. Malicious thieves can then use this information to make purchases with a strangers credit card, or use their personal information for their own gain. From tax related identity theft to email phishing scams, there are countless ways a thief can abuse someone’s identity. LifeLock has trained for years in the art of counteracting these threats and is positioned to help mitigate personal identity theft. Our LifeLock promotional code here at ID Protection Deals is the first step in securing your good name.

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